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The Essential Need to Fully Possess Our Grace-Given Inheritance
August 20, 2016      |     By: Sam McVay, Jr.      |      Category: Sermons

Sam teaches the Body how to possess her Inheritance in Christ fully. 



Newly delivered Israel is reminded that she has been set free in order to possess the covenant inheritance from the Lord.
Israel focuses upon enemy circumstances producing fear and unbelief which leads to a refusal to embrace the promised inheritance from the Lord.
40 years later, the next generation of Israel is reminded of it’s central call to possess the freely given inheritance.
Joshua 1
Years later Israel has just accomplished “partial possession”.
Joshua 13
After Joshua dies Israel continues it’s “partial possession” leading to enemy presence thus restricted inheritance. 
Judges 1
The Angel of the Lord declares that this “partial possession” has resulted in the withdrawal of his power to overcome and a snare filled life of failure which happens for 400 years until the time of Samuel.
Points of challenge:
1. God gives us our inheritance by his grace- it is freely given by covenant promise. (salvation, power of sin, healing, intimacy, finances, power in mission)
2. Our grace given inheritance is filled with enemy presence and resistance. (temptations, circumstances, weakness, sickness, lies, mind assaults, attacks)
3. Our grace given inheritance must be possessed by faith. (though out inheritance is freely given by grace, it still must be taken by the fight of faith)
4. Our refusal to possess our inheritance in fullness leads to years of failure and enemy victory. (“partial possession” leads to defeat and despair)
5. Our refusal to possess our inheritance in fullness leads to generations of failure and enemy victory. ("partial possession” impacts generations below us)
How do we possess our inheritance in fullness? 
1. Step out in raw obedient faith to possess your inheritance-
2. Live confident that all enemies that resist our inheriting will fall before us-
3. Make the Presence of God your abiding place of confidence-
4. Choose to live “strong and courageous” instead of in “fear and discouragement” -
5. Obey, speak, and meditate the promises of God-
Romans 5:17

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