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Revelation Part 6: The 4 Revelatory Interludes
July 02, 2016      |     By: Sam McVay, Jr.      |      Category: Sermons

Part 6 of Sam's exposition of the Book of Revelation

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Reminders about Revelation:

1.It is a book about the glory, battle plan, and final victory of Jesus Christ. 2.It is the only book in the Bible with a promise of blessing to those who

read and keep it.
3.It is arguably the most maligned and attacked book in the Bible, which

also shows it’s importance.
4.It is vital to understand the book of Revelation, especially if you believe

that the Church will be her during the tribulation to partner with the Lord in the destruction of the Anti-Christ and his kingdom- which I do.

Revelation Breakdown:

1. Glory of Jesus: Most descriptive chapter in Bible about glorified Jesus. Rev. 1
2. Church Counsel from Jesus:
fullness of direct counsel to churches.

Rev. 2-3
3. Jesus Heavenly Ministry:
Most details of throne room of God in the Bible. Rev. 4-5
4. 3 sets of 7 describing end of age war and Judgements of Jesus upon enemy. Rev. 6, 8, 9, 11, 15, 16
5. 4 Revelatory Interludes.
Descriptions of victory of church over antichrist and his kingdom. Rev. 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18
6. Second Coming of Jesus.
Revelation 11:15 & 19
(Also 8 & 16)
7. 1000 year reign of Jesus and transition to New Heaven and New Earth. Rev. 20-22

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The 4 Revelatory Interludes

There are 4 of these Revelatory Interludes

They each are filled with either encouragement or vital information that will help the saints to endure to the end.

RI 1- Happens after the 6th Seal: Revelation 7
The church will be sealed for protection in the tribulation and assured to be a multi-nation victorious worshipping family.

RI 2 - Happens after the 6th Trumpet: Revelation 10-11
John is infused with the word of God and it is revealed that 2 witnesses will bring great devastation upon the enemies of God, before and after death.

RI 3- Happens after the 7th Trumpet: Revelation 12-14
Reveals that Satan will produce a global coalition of nations economically and religiously connected under a global leader who will be defeated by a holy overcoming church.

RI 4- Happens after the 7th Bowl: Revelation 17-18
Describes the judgements of the anti-Christ kingdom through the

connection with Babylon

All of these, even with the graphic language, are to encourage and prepare the church to endure through overt attempts to destroy them physically and through subverted ways to deceive them into betraying faithfulness to Jesus and his kingdom.

They all prophesy that victory is the endgame of the church sealed and worshiping Jesus. 

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