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Revelation 4 & 5: A Vision of Heaven & the Engagement of the Scroll to Unleash the Victory of Jesus.
June 11, 2016      |     By: Sam McVay, Jr.      |      Category: Sermons

Sam gives the 4th installment of his exposition of the book of Revelation. 

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The book of Revelation now moves from earth to heaven.
What happens in Heaven, specifically the throne of God, is what changes the earth. 
Chapters 4 and 5 reveal the glory of the throne of God, the third heaven, and the divine interaction in the Godhead that leads to the end of this age. 
Rev. 3:8 reveals a door of the kingdom.
Rev. 3:20 reveals a door to the heart of the church.
Rev. 4:1 is a door to heaven - a door of revelation. 
1. The Father on the throne is described like precious stones- crystal clear and reddish. Over his throne is a convent sign of life.
2. Around he throne is revealed different “species’ of Angels. 
            -24 elder angels- possibly representing Israel 12 tribes and Church 12 apostles.  
            -4 creatures are reveled as mobil seers that worship the thrice-holy God. Holy Father, Holy Son, Holy Spirit. 
            1- Lion: King-Mathew
            2- Ox: Servant-Mark
            3. Man: Man-Luke
            4. Eagle: Spirit-John
3. Then the scroll in the hand of the Father on the Throne is revealed. 
            -The scroll is the centerpiece of the drama of the book of revelation.
4. Jesus, the Lion and the Lamb, is the worthy one who approaches the throne and secures the scroll. 
5. 3 levels of worship around the throne because of the ministry of Jesus at the throne.
            - Angelic Throne angels worship and pray- Harp and Bowl
            -Thousands and thousands of angles worship.
            -All of the created realm will worship. 

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