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Spiritual Thinking
May 01, 2016      |     By: Jonathan Brickley      |      Category: Sermons

Jonathan presents the call to think and live as a "spiritual" person as opposed to a "natural" person.

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"Stir you up by way of reminder" 
Jesus main problem -  “godly” Jews, not “pagan” Romans
I Cor 2:12 -16 
MAIN ISSUE:  Thinking / living as a “Natural Person” or “Spiritual Person” 
vs 12 -  spirit OF the world.     Of = born into  /  part of who you are.  
             Spirit FROM God  -     FROM = gift /  given from God.  
vs 12  - Plural language:   “we” have received….  that “we” might understand the things freely given “us” by God
vs 12 - Why?    Role of the Spirit to help us understand the things FREELY Given us by God. 
            -  Unpack what we already have.   
            -  What “things” have we been given?  
                        - 1:30 - Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, Redemption 
            -  Where have we been given these “things” ?   IN CHRIST 
vs 14 -  “Natural” = from “Psuche” = Soul / Soulish 
           -  For the natural person - his soul (Mind, Will, Emotion) - dominates his entire being
              -  He lives BY the soul.  -  Reasons and decides from it.  
          - The natural person does not employ his spirit -  he does not put it to use. Does not exercise it. 
            - He cannot accept the things of the Spirit of God - WHY?  
                        1) They’re folly to him  (Foolishness to him) - because they don’t align with the spirit of the World
                        2) He cannot understand them = because they are spiritually discerned - from the Spirit of God.  
As a result of the Fall - the natural mind is unable to keep in step with the mind of Christ. 
vs 15 -  “Spiritual person”  -  His entire being (his soul) is ruled, controlled, dominated by his spirit. 
                - He accepts and understands the (deep” things of the Spirit of God. 
Why?  (Jn 4:24) - God is spirit, and those who worship Him MUST worship in spirit and truth. 
            - Judges all things, but is judged by no one. 
EXAMPLE:  John 7:1-10 - spiritually minded Jesus & his naturally minded brothers
#1)  The spirit of the world esteems the world / The Spirit of God esteems God
     vs 3-4    - "Words of human wisdom imparted" by his brothers
                                     Natural / Soulish reason says “Success is based on the worlds’ attitude toward and opinion of you”
                        - The “things of the Spirit of God are folly" to his brothers
                        - They are “unable to understand them” 
#2)      vs 6     Time = “Kairos” - opportunity.   
                                    For spiritually minded person / disciple - God’s timing is vital
                                    - because something may be in God’s will (Going to the Feast of Booths) but not His timing
For the Naturally minded person - the time is “Always Here”  -  Take whatever opportunity is the BEST. 
#3)      vs 7    Jesus (the spiritual person) “judges all things”  (even his brothers) - but “is judged by no one” (his soulish brothers) 
Naturally Minded / Soul-Dominated Brothers 
 I Cor 3:1-3
Possible to be a “brother” but not be a spiritual person, to live as a “person of the flesh” 
We all drink of the Same Holy Spirit - Same access for all - but it’s possible to be an Infant
Possible to eat solid food and grow to maturity - possible to stay on milk and be stunted in growth. 
Basic Principles vs Deep Mysteries
Babies  vs  Mature Adults
Milk   vs  Meat
Heb 5:11-14,  Heb 6:1
The Consequence of and Solution to living as a “Naturally Minded” person is found in Hebrews 5. 
Consequence = Dull of Hearing  (“Refused to Listen”) 
Solution = the Three things you NEED   (Disciplers and Disciples) 
1) vs 12 -   Someone to teach you again (or the 1st time) the BASIC (Elementary, Rudimentary) principles of the oracles (revelations) of God.  
What are the ABCs?   The elementary principles of God’s revelation?  
            - “In the beginning God made….”  -   Why are we here?  
            -  What is the Gospel?   The Good News?  
            -   To them God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.”  (Col 1:27) 
            - “I have been Crucified with Christ and I no longer live"…… (Gal 2:20) 
            -  Hearing and obeying His voice.  
2) vs 13 -  Skill / Maturity / Training in the word of righteousness 
3) vs 14 -  Constant Practice of your spiritual faculties.   Exercise your spirit man!  Employ / Use your spirit man!  
             6:1 - “Therefore, let US leave the elementary doctrine of Christ and go on to maturity…”  (Completeness) 
WE - the church.  Together!  

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