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A Groan for Simplicity
May 31, 2015      |     By: Sam McVay, Jr.      |      Category: Sermons

Sam clarifies the call of the church and pleads for us to remain in simplicity. Then several members of the church repent of various distractions in life.

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Clarification on Church:

In our English Bible the Greek word, "ekklesia" is translated in most places "church." The word "ekklesia" is found in one hundred and fifteen places in the New Testament. It is translated in English one hundred and thirteen times "church" and the remaining times it is translated "assembly." In Greek the word "ekklesia" meant "a called out assembly of citizens summoned by the crier, the legislative assembly."

The word as used in the New Testament is taken from the root of this word, which simply means to "call out." In New Testament times the word was exclusively used to represent a group of people assembled together for a particular cause or purpose. It was never used exclusively to refer to a religious meeting or group.

An examination of the Greek word "ekklesia" reveals that the word is properly translated into English as the "assembly" or "congregation." It is used to refer to a group of persons that are organized together for a common purpose and who meet together.

New Life “called out” for these common purposes: Prayer & Discipleship

1. We are called out in a unique way to steward a "ministry of prayer”

- Daily Corporate Prayer for Revival

- Prayer encounters

- Prayer for kingdom advance in the nations

- Stimulating prayer in the larger body of Christ 

2. We are called out to make disciples locally, regionally, and internationally.

- We are not called to make consumers

- We are not called to make members of New Life

- We are not called to make crowds of people that just want to listen to Sam or the worship team

- We are called to make mature, missional, and multiplying disciples that are led by the Holy Spirit

- We are called to be on mission among the unsaved, unreached, and unengaged both here and internationally

- We are called to stimulate discipleship in the larger body of Christ

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