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New Life 2.0
November 13, 2014      |     By: Sam McVay, Jr.      |      Category: Mid-week Devotion

It has become clear by the Spirit that we are at the beginning of a new stage at New Life.Last week, Jonathan had a vision of a leaf turning over and heard the Spirit say, "I am turning over a new leaf in El Dorado".

And, while on a jog last week, I heard the Spirit say that we have entered Phase 3 in the ministry here.

Phase 1:(Birth to Childhood Stage) Was from 1990 to 1997 which was about thousands of prayer meetings and the beginning of mission.

Phase 2:(Teenage to Adult Stage) Was from 2004-2014 which was about continued commitment to prayer (EHOP), broadening missions/disciples, and growing up in trial by fire which exposed much weakness in the midst of perceived strength.  

Phase 3:(Maturity in Parenting) Is what we have entered now. We now, having lived through many blessings and trials, are bit more seasoned for the next leg of the run in a spiritually mature way.  I believe with all of my heart that this new phase is related to (1) fruitful multiplying evangelism, (2)the receiving of answers to prayers prayed in thousands of meetings in the last 20 years, (3) and a wholehearted embrace of the selfless cross with humility and integrity. 

I am so excited about the season that we find ourselves in now. In the last couple years we have had a season of cleansing, de-bugging, rewiring, and reprograming so that New Life 2.0 can function at a higher level of operation.

It is time to "turn the page" on the past and to embrace the newness that is before us with expectation of favor and blessing for the Lord's glory.


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