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Being on Mission Distracts from the Petty
December 10, 2014      |     By: Sam McVay, Jr.      |      Category: Mid-week Devotion

It has been my experience that when disciples stay on mission, meaning ministering to the lost, poor, and saints, that they spend less time on the "petty" things that arise in life and relationships. So many unnecessary "concerns" fill our minds when we do not set our hands to a life of mission.

There is something purifying and liberating about setting our hearts on the needs of the most needy. I have heard of whole churches being in turmoil because a picture of Jesus was moved from one wall to another wall. Beloved, that and a hundred other silly things occupy the minds of the saints when they are not on mission but rather focused on themselves, their group, and getting their own way.

the church can be like a group of fireman standing outside of an occupied burning building with the ability to put out the fire and save lives but instead are arguing about the color of the fire truck or how they will have their next administrative meeting. May we occupy ourselves with putting out fires and saving lives and I promise the result will be that we will reject the "petty" that so often distracts. 

On mission beloved, on mission!!!


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