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Vital Heart Message
December 17, 2014      |     By: Sam McVay, Jr.      |      Category: Mid-week Devotion

Are our hearts ready to steward an outbreak of (1) blessing from the Father, (2) trouble from the enemy, and (3)rejection from man? There is no question that these are coming, the only question is how will we steward them when they do come. Will we get distracted and worship the blessing? Will we cower under the attacks of the enemy in fear and unbelief? Or will we get bitter from the rejection that we receive from people around us because of the gospel?

The answer to these questions will be determined by whether or not our hearts are filled with the values of this age or the values of the cross. If it is our hearts true desire to be rich, successful, and famous- then I can guarantee that we will be disloyal to Jesus in the coming days. But if we will embrace the values of the cross such as humility, death to self, and the embrace of suffering for his glory- then we will stand loyal to the end.

This message is of great importance to our spiritual family in this season. May God give us grace to embrace the way of the cross by rejecting the ways of the world that plague our hearts and relationships

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