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Two Words
October 22, 2014      |     By: Sam McVay, Jr.      |      Category: Mid-week Devotion


Two Words:

1. Developing Appetite for the Word

"They are more to be desired than gold and sweeter than honey".
This is the heart statement from King David about the words of God in Psalm 19:10. He literally found them to be of greater influence and power than all the gold in his kingdom and literally of more pleasure than the sweetness of honey.

We can too. But it will take a work of the Holy Spirit transforming our inner sense of value and inner appetites for this to happen. I spend about 18 minutes reveling in the glory of the scriptures in an attempt to stir your heart to a life in the word that is not motivated by slavey ought, but rather motivated by sonship pleasure.

Video LinkDeveloping Love for the Scriptures


2. Assignment to Harvest: 1000 & 10,000

Then I take about 15 minutes to recount a few words and visions that have been related to us as it relates to our assignment to the harvest. This was communicated in Wichita as well but recorded in El Dorado.

In basic I communicate that I believe we have spiritual responsibility to pray in and to disciple in through evangelism 1000 souls in El Dorado and 10,000 souls in Wichita. 

I know how crazy this may sound, but all things are possible with God and through prayer prayed in faith. 

There are a couple things that I want to highlight. The first is that I am not saying that Nl El Dorado is to have an attendance of 1000 people and that NL Wichita is to be 10,000 people in attendance. I am just saying that we are to personally have influence in these thousands being won to the kingdom. God decides where they fellowship. 

Secondly, I wanted to communicate that we want to be sure to pray for all the ministries that are doing evangelism because the harvest is huge! But let us take responsibility for our faith-sized assignment. 

And Thirdly, the harvest will win the harvest if we will make disciples that make disciples among the lost. Let us pray to start movements among families, friends, and neighborhoods that are actually hard to keep track of because the Spirit is leading the harvest. 

Here is the link:
Video Link: A Call to Thousands in the Harvest

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