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5 Declarations of Personal Mission
September 10, 2014      |     By: Sam McVay, Jr.      |      Category: Mid-week Devotion


Sunday morning, after sharing about how Paul's letters were not the writing of systematic theology but rather the chronicling of systematic experiences with the living Christ, I shared from my heart 5 things that the Spirit has clearly spoken to me that I fully resolve to obey. They are not the only things that I have heard, but they are central to all I do and do not do in the ministry.

As I have prayed with my brothers in the spirit I have shared how these things thrill me and are the death of me. As Amy says, I literally limp like Jacob as a result of my wrestling out of theses issues over the years. I believe I will be judged according to my obedience to these spoken commissions so there is a sobriety in my heart as it relates to obeying them. 

To be clear- The glory and government of Jesus filling the whole earth is the central desire of my heart. I believe that this happens through the process of the commission given by the Resurrected King- "Go and make disciples of all nations".

As a reminder, here is my definition of a disciple:

       A disciple is a Spirit-filled wholehearted follower of Jesus who fruitfully multiplies.

I lay out in the video below the personal things that I believe have been spoken to me, but here they are in print:

1. The Supremacy of Jesus and His Mission(making disciples) are to be the center of your prayers and ministry. (Do not spend any time on busy-work in ministry, preach Jesus and make disciples in all you do)

2. I have called you to make disciples not to build churches. (I said in Mt. 16 that the holy work of building the church is my job alone, you give yourself to multiplying disciples and then I will build my church)

3. I want you to learn to delight in weakness. (You will be rejected, be insulted, be misunderstood, and have trouble even from friends for allegiance to Jesus and his call and you must learn to delight in it.)

4. I will supernaturally supply for you as you stay dedicated to my mission. (I will supply all of the power in the Spirit and all of the money that you need to accomplish this mission in the earth)

5. You are to be one, among many, that I am using to shift the church from slavery to sonship, from being an orphanage to an ever growing family. (Raise up Fathers and Mothers in the faith who have sons and daughters who have sons and daughters)  

I ask that you would pray for me, and us, as we endeavor to obey by the power the Holy Spirit the great global mandate of the resurrected King.

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