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Unitarian Universalist Church
September 14, 2014      |     By: Sam McVay, Jr.      |      Category: Scripture Teachings

Sam teaches on the dangers of the Unitarian Universalist Church.

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The Unitarian Universalist Church is a “pseudo-christian” church that is the result of the 1961 merger of the Unitarian movement which started in the 16th century as a liberal humanist group who denied the Trinitarian view of God and the Universalist movement which started in the 17th century and was another liberal humanist group who only found a few references to hell and did not want to believe that eternal suffering existed so they began to believe that all people will be saved no matter their beliefs. 

So, it is a group that denied the trinitarian doctrine and a group that believed in universal salvation for all men no matter their beliefs.

They claim to be birthed from the Jewish and Christian traditions.

It describes itself as a “free-faith” where no book, person, or set of creeds are the final authority. The final authority is the conscience of each man.

Albert Schweitzer is one of the most famous Unitarians. He professed "the spirit of love or truth, the holy, or the gracious” to be the ultimate standard.

There are near 1,100 congregations and over 600,000 members and growing. 

View of God:

Some claim to be Christian, some agnostic, others Hindu or Buddhist, etc. Anything goes basically.

View of Jesus:

They deny the deity of Jesus. They believe him to be a good man full of peace and love and an example to all. 

View of Bible:

They do not believe the bible to be infallible. This is their own words:

"We do not, however, hold the Bible-or any other account of human experience-to be either an infallible guide or the exclusive source of truth. Much biblical material is mythical or legendary. Not that it should be discarded for that reason! Rather, it should be treasured for what it is. We believe that we should read the Bible as we read other books (or the newspaper)-with imagination and a critical eye."

View of Salvation:

Everyone gets saved.

How to minister to them:

Speak with them in a spirit of love and gentleness.

Boldly proclaim the exclusion claims of Jesus in John 14:6.

Create dialogue which removes the possibility that Jesus can co-exist with other gods.

Pray, pray, pray.

Invite them to a bible study.

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