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Overcoming Fear in Mission
July 30, 2014      |     By: Sam McVay, Jr.      |      Category: Mid-week Devotion

I believe that every true disciple believes that Jesus is the most important person in their lives, that his salvation is the most important event in their lives, and that sharing this gospel with the lost should be the most important activity of their lives. But, because of the crippling work of fear, they rarely share this glorious good news with those that need it. 

Scripturally, the church(his people) are to be the great evangelist. In fact,  according to Ephesians 4:11,12 an Evangelist is to equip the saints for the works of ministry. It is the body of Christ that spreads the gospel in an ever growing grassroots movement that does not wait on a big event or big man to come to town to do evangelism. 

Sadly though the "great church-wide evangelist" is not on mission. I believe  that the problem does not lie in the lack of strategies or theological training among the church. No, the central reason is simply because of FEAR. The fear of man that is rooted either in the need for praise or the terror of rejection- drives much of what we do or do not do. Paul pleads in his epistles to his young ministers, and the young churches, to "fear not". Over and over he calls them to courageously embrace suffering and rejection in the ministry of the gospel for the glory of Christ. 

It is a spirit of boldness that we need. Give me a handful of disciples who are filled with the spirit of boldness anyday over thousands that are "theologically sound" but do nothing but talk about it with other believers. It was unschooled and ordinary men that turned Jerusalem and the rest of the world upside-down as they courageously proclaimed the gospel even in the face of death. 

The message this week was about overcoming fear in mission. Please listen, pray, and get out of the boat trusting Jesus to make a way as you share the best news on the planet with those that are perishing.

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