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The Sun Has Not Set On America
June 11, 2014      |     By: Sam McVay, Jr.      |      Category: Mid-week Devotion

Amy and I just returned from celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in Washington D.C. We dove deep into the rich history of our nation which is saturated with acknowledgement of the Lord and His Word. It was refreshing to see all of the scripture quotations in the speeches of our past leaders, but it also highlighted that we live in a very different culture now.

It does not take much discernment to see that our nation has turned more and more secular while becoming less and less spiritual. The moral decay rots the very fabric of our culture as we seem to get "richer" and "smarter" while all along the crescendoing cry of independence from Jesus increases day by day. The law of sin and death is operating at a corporate level as we choose to be wise in our own eyes and redefine love and truth in our own terms. 

In a Romans 1 fashion, the wrath of God is being manifested as the Lord "turns us over" again and again to our own ways. His absence increases the presence of our depravity which in the end will kill the individual and eventually the nation.

Some say it is too late. They say that our day is over and that we have passed the point of no return. And though it is bad, I personally cannot agree with this because of the revelation of scripture. The scriptures reveal a line of Ninevahs, Ahabs, and Sauls- who all hated the Lord but turned through His intervention. Humility and repentance opened up a wide door of grace that manifested in the salvation of many. 

I believe that the sun has not set on our blessed nation. The greatness of His mercy and the great unlimited potential of prayer tell us not to give up. Let us press in for a sweeping revival that would put our nations greatest days ahead of her, instead of behind her.

Praying for America,

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