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Jesus Supreme in All Nations
June 04, 2014      |     By: Sam McVay, Jr.      |      Category: Mid-week Devotion

Jesus Supreme in All Nations 
This Sunday was a unique Sunday in our history because we had a blessed brother from India with us who is now giving all of his life to discipling India for Jesus. 

Below is the link to a sermon/dialogue/testimony between myself and Shanmugam. At the end there is a special time of me praying for India in English, and Shanmugam praying for America in Tamil language. May the Lord bless both of our nations. 

We share about Jesus being Supreme in every nation from Psalm 96 and hear of the amazing salvation of this past lower-caste slave Hindu boy who was transformed by Jesus into a saved and free son of the living God. 

Enjoy the blessed time of sharing and prayer,


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