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Keystone Training Report
May 26, 2014      |     By: Jonathan Brickley      |      Category: Testimonies

Our flight on Sunday night out of Denver got cancelled due to the lack of a flight crew, so we suffered for Jesus at a 4-star hotel on United Airlines tab. 
Arrived Monday evening in keystone and immediately went to a 3 hour testimony time, where all 30 international leaders shared their personal stories, ministry objectives, and prayer requests. This was especially helpful for us in that we could get to know about each one  in a very short time. 
Sam & were amazed at the stories of persecution and suffering these precious brothers and sisters shared. Many had been literally beaten and/or socially persecuted for their faith. One Indian brother asked prayer for "faith like the disciples to be willing to die for Jesus" when he got home. Wow. 
This testimony time gave us a good opportunity to prophetically watch and pray as each of these leaders stood in front of us. 
Tuesday was a very full day. And, as we had prayed when our flight was delayed, God accomplished more in 1 day than we could in 2 (or 200). 
We worshipped with the group, then Sam taught the first session on the Apostolic Focus of the Supremacy of Jesus. This was a simple, straightforward call that I believe really blessed these internationals who were on the tail end of 1 month of daily teachings and study, that had possibly overwhelmed them. 
Sam & I prayed through lunch because of the weight of importance on the next session on being a Prophetic Community. (We both felt weak and particularly unable to do anything good without the immediate help of the Spirit).  Sam then did a 20 minute teaching on the prophetic and then we led them in a lab time. For the next hour or so we prophesied to everyone in the room. It was the "uncorking" time we'd prayed for. Too many words to recount now, but I believe all were refreshed by this ministry time, and many had life-changing, confirmation-type words. 

After this, Sam had one more teaching session on the Second Coming of Jesus- but he was having a difficult time on getting the Spirit's direction. Even though the prophetic time had been so good, there was still a bit of static to work through. We waited and prayed, got a word and he got faith to speak from his heart.  
He began the 3rd session prophetically teaching them about what had just happened to him! He Spoke about how Elijah heard The Lord in a whisper, and how we MUST be careful to guard against our propensity to look for The Lord in the earthquake, wind and fire. And that we must be willing to wait to hear the small whisper. ( this was very good, and was the release of faith we'd prayed for)
Sam then taught the rest of the session that afternoon on the 2nd coming. At the end of that session, Sam asked everyone to stand who was going out to minister to an unreached people group. 
EVERYONE in the group stood up!!  We believe this represents 30-50 new people groups (as some of these leaders have multiple).  
Sam walked through the group hugging and thanking them for not only blessing those people groups, but for helping speed the day of The Lord and bringing Matt. 24:14 to fulfillment. This was awesome. 

Tuesday evening we had a great dinner with Richard where we prophesied to him regarding a word we received for him about the Keystone ministry and then got updates from him on how we can serve them in prayer. (By the way, there has been MUCH kingdom order brought at Keystone since our last visit in September - thanks to answered prayer). 
After dinner, we visited the college intern housechurch where we worshiped with about 12-15 of them and Keystone staff. Sam taught on spiritual gifts, spirit-soul-body, and the prophetic. Then we prophesied to all of them for an hour or so. Again, too many words to recount, but a very powerful, anointed time from our perspective. Total of about 2-3 hours with them. 
After that, Sam had great late-night meeting with LJ Evers, keystone's #2 guy who leads a discipleship movement on the front lines in inner-city Houston. Sam encouraged him and had a fruitful talk. 
Wednesday morning Sam gave a spontaneous and needed word about spiritual gifts, personal holiness, and then taught on the Lord's Prayer. Then had everyone pray individually for a while. 
After that, we ministered to more pastors and headed to the Rapid City airport - where we found out our Denver flight was cancelled due to tornados and hail @ DIA. 
NOW, we're driving through Nebraska in a rental car as we play planes, trains and automobiles. (Sam is John Candy) 
Thanks for the prayers. 

Jonathan Brickley

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