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Highlights from Living in Lifetime Favor Sermon
April 30, 2014      |     By: Sam McVay, Jr.      |      Category: Mid-week Devotion

Psalm 30:5 For his anger is but for a moment, and his favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.

David makes a sweeping statement about the NATURE and WAYS of God, which he had personally experienced, in Psalm 30:5

We see in this Psalm, that David’s revelation about the Lord was: 
                          "His Favor lasts a lifetime but his anger only lasts a moment."

David’s life experience shows that he knew personally the favor and the anger of the Lord.

1. David knew a life of favor from the time he was a young man:
  • Anointed king around the age of 13-15 by the favor of God
  • Defeats wild beast and giants by the favor of God
  • Defeats evil spirits by the favor of God
  • Leads great military exploits by the favor of God
  • Survives the pursuit of a demonized king and many betrayals by the favor of God
  • Survives lack and hard conditions by the favor of God
  • Ascends the throne by the favor of God
  • Endures his own sons’ betrayals after he is King by the favor of God

2. David also knew the anger of the Lord:
  • The Lord’s anger manifest towards his adultery and murder - by the death of a child and trouble in his house.
  • The Lord’s anger manifest towards his unfaithful and unlawful census - and a three-day pestilence kills 70,000 of his people. 

Knowing God’s abundant favor would cause David to recover quickly from discipline and to live a life with a "Favor Mentality”. David made mistakes, big and costly mistakes, but because of his revelation of the favor of the Lord he would recover quickly from these moment. Not because he took light his sin, but because he knew the heart of his God.

Do you live with a sense of Disfavor or Favor from God?

A sense of Disfavor will produce: fear, dread, discouragement, and a critical spirit. 

A sense of Favor will produce: courage, hope, faith, and an overcoming victorious spirit. 

How do you Live in Lifetime Favor?

By a revelation and conviction that:
  1. God is a God of Favor & Blessing even though there are moments of Anger/discipline
  2. God’s ultimate favor is shown through and is upon Jesus Christ
  3. As a believer, the favor that is upon Christ is now upon and within you
  4. Circumstances do not determine your Favor - position in Christ determines your Favor
  5. You will not live in Favor unless you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that you have Favor 

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