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Spirit, Soul, Body: The Blueprint of Man in the Image of God
April 07, 2013      |     By: Spencer Stewart      |      Category: Booklets

Man’s current condition is not as it should be. God, in perfect wisdom, created Man in His Image with a delicate balance: spirit, soul, and body. When Adam ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the species changed. May we come into divine order with all three parts functioning as God determined. May we become spiritual disciples.

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"Dichotomy vs. Trichotomy" examines the disagreement between sincere theologians. For the first three centuries of the Church, the leaders’ writings show belief in three-part Man, which is the foundational view in our booklet. But then dichotomy (two parts instead of three) became the predominate view through the psychology of Augustine. This article cites the dichotomists' arguments and responds.

"The Metaphorical Heart" explains heart is a different kind of word thanspirit and soul. Heart is a metaphor, whereas soul and spirit are specific elements of Man. In reality, the heart is a physical organ in the body. It is used metaphorically to describe the invisible core of Man, the two immaterial parts (soul and spirit) as a whole.

"Three Kinds of Life for the Three Parts of Man" lists the Scriptures categorizing the three Greek words for "life" that match the three kinds of trees in the Garden of Eden to sustain the three parts of Man.

"The Connection of Breath, Wind, and Spirit in the Scriptures" lists verses with the Hebrew ruach and the Greek pneuma proving physical air manifests the drama of spirit from the spiritual realm into the physical realm. This is why we can read Genesis 2:7, where God blew into Adam’s nostrils the breath of life, and discern that the physical oxygen represented the Creation of immaterial spirit.

"The Aftermath of the Fall of Man" provides commentary on Genesis 3, exalting the mercy of God in the midst of deserved judgment.

"The Fullness of Judgment Upon the Man Christ Jesus" quotes Scriptures illustrating our Lord suffered in spirit, soul, and body to fully receive God’s judgment upon the whole of Man. hosts discipleship booklets co-authored by Sam McVay and Spencer Stewart.


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