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A Door of Hope in the Valley of Achor
July 15, 2017
Sam speaks of recovering from failure on the "Inheritance" side of the Jordan where shame and guilt are often stronger.  Neither despair, guilt, heart condemnation, nor self-loathing has ever delivered anyone from the defeated ...
Called to Prayer / The Prophetic Destiny of Prayer upon our spiritual Tribe
October 09, 2016
In the first half of this tag-teamed message, Jonathan gives us a look at the bigger picture with our call to prayer, then Sam finishes with "The Prophetic Destiny of Prayer upon our spiritual Tribe".
God Tests the Righteous
October 30, 2016
Weakness and temptation do not disqualify us from being sons and daughters, but are a normal part of the Christian walk.
November 26, 2016
Jesus' most used phrase: "To him who has ears, let him hear...".  Sam comments on God's directive for us to "listen".
Preparation for Rebuilding the Wall
October 16, 2016
Jonathan shares a dream he had that was symbolic of the Holy Jealousy the Lord has for His Bride. 
Presence Based Transformation vs. Program Based Assimilation
October 08, 2016
Otherwise entitled, "The Difference Between Soulish & Spiritual Ministry"
Secrets Revealed
November 06, 2016

Jonathan encourages dealing with secret things now as opposed to holding on to them til Judgement for all things will eventually be revealed.

'Tis the Season to be in Season
December 06, 2015
It is essential that we learn to live in season. Living in season is to have our lives calibrated with the Holy Spirit’s teaching and work in and through our lives.
'Tis the Season to be in Season, Part 2
December 13, 2015
It is essential that we learn to live in season. Living in season is to have our lives calibrated with the Holy Spirit’s teaching and work in and through our lives.
2016: A Year of Action
December 13, 2015
Discipleship is not discipleship without practical risky action.
A Call to Evangelism
January 03, 2016
Jonathan, Ryan, and Sam share about discerning a coorporate call to evangelism.
A Call to Prayer
November 01, 2015
Sam shares the call to history changing prayer.
A Christmas Without Presents
December 22, 2016
A Deeper Look At The Valley of Dry Bones: Understanding the Dynamics of Prophetic Restoration Ministry
September 10, 2016
We need the rattling activity of order to combine with breath activity of Spirit manifestation to get the kingdom army that changes the earth. 
A Door of Hope in the Valley of Achor
July 16, 2017
Sam speaks of recovering from failure on the "Inheritance" side of the Jordan where shame and guilt are often stronger.  Neither despair, guilt, heart condemnation, nor self-loathing has ever delivered anyone from the defeated ...
A Groan for Simplicity
May 31, 2015
Sam clarifies the call of the church and pleads for us to remain in simplicity. Then several members of the church repent of various distractions in life.
A Heart That Embraces the Cross
December 14, 2014
Is your real goal in life to be rich, great, and honored while Jesus was poor and despised?
A Life of Mission for Christ
July 21, 2013
Sam shares about the true freedom we find when we accept that "to live is Christ and to die is gain."
A New Decade at New Life
August 11, 2013
Sam and Amy share about New Life staying in step with the global move of the Spirit. Then, Peter Romans, gives a final exhortation to the church to love one another.
A New Song of Resurrection Victory
April 20, 2014
The resurrection victory over the curse of death.
A Revelation of Singing
January 12, 2014
God created singing and music, in the context of worship of himself, and delights in it!
A Word In Season: Nehemiah
June 11, 2017
Ryan Vandeberg brings a word in season out of Nehemiah.
Acquiring a Spirit of Boldness for the Mission of Evangelism
August 03, 2014
Overcoming fear, the greatest obstacle to evangelism.
Activating the Royal Priesthood
March 08, 2015
The Spirit of God is desiring to activate the royal priesthood.  All are to be activated and functioning as priests.
All Things in Christ
May 15, 2016
Sam gives multiple revelations from the Scripture showing that we have nothing outside of Christ.
Amnesia of the Body of Christ
October 25, 2015
The success of the kingdom depends upon you knowing who you are and responding to the Word of God in action.
An Apostolic Definition of Love
February 13, 2011
Only the Word can shed an accurate light on the meaning of the word love. The world will often inaccurately determine love as a feeling. The Word though, defines love as obeying Jesus, laying down your life, and sharing your resources. Real love is ...
An Overcoming Church is the Will of God
January 29, 2012
The call to discipleship includes the call to overcome. This is seen in a list of strong warnings and rewards about overcoming in the letters to the churches in Revelation.
Asking for a King: The Continued Need For Reformation in the Church.
October 01, 2016

Israel rejected being led by a prophetic presence in favor of attaining a human king like all other nations. The Church is also guilty of this tragic trade out. In this spontaneous word, Sam calls the Church to reject institutional likeness ...

Asking is Prayer, Prayer is Asking
May 22, 2016
The importance of asking for and knowing the will of the Lord
Awake Oh Sleeper
March 16, 2014
Sam preaches an impromptu sermon about waking up in the midst of being lulled to sleep, especially by media.
Barren and Unfruitful Birthing
December 20, 2015
It is clear that God does not work in spite of weakness but rather he purposely chooses to work through weakness to maximize his glory.
Behold the Glory of the Lord Jesus
August 18, 2013
This is the one thing, from four perspectives, in desperate prayer for the Spirit of revelation.
Being a Prophetic People
March 09, 2014
Sam teaches on the call and need to be a prophetic people. Also, Chip Staats gives a testimony of the church being a prophetic people.
Being Lovers of God in the Last Days
November 03, 2013
To be prepared for the last days, we all need to ask ourselves if we are lovers of God.
Being Lovers of God in the Last Days, Part 2
November 10, 2013
To be prepared for the last days, we all need to ask ourselves if we are lovers of God.
Being Lovers of God in the Last Days, Part 4
November 24, 2013
Dealing with the "high places" that we might love God with all of our hearts.
Being Transformed by and Executing the Prophetic Ministry of Jesus
July 14, 2013
Isaiah 61 reveals the ministry and kingdom chain reaction that Jesus started and also reveals what we are called to do in our neighborhoods and the nations.
Beware of Giving the Devil Opportunity
April 07, 2013
Sam gives strategy for removing opportunity that the Devil may have in our lives.
Biblical X-Ray of Prayer
August 16, 2015
One of the challenges of staying motivated in prayer is the lack of vision for what is really happening in the spirit realm when we pray. Then Sam gives a call to the mission to the lost. Finally, the service concludes with a send out of the McGathy ...
Boasting in Weakness and Receiving Strength
November 05, 2017
Jon Smith brings a personal word in season regarding the recent incident with disks in his back.  He encourages us to bring praise as the Lord who understands what we're going through uses suffering to provide mercy and grace.
Body Life
April 23, 2017
Discipleship does not happen outside the context of relationship.  Ryan Vandenberg, Shawn Humig, Stephen McVay and Jon Smith bring words of exhortation for life in the body.  A reminder that we are called to make disciples, not converts.
Body Life - Keeping Ourselves Uncontaminated from the World
August 20, 2017

The body of Christ around you is meant for this: to keep you in intimate fellowship and connection with the Lord Jesus. Jonathan speaks of attaining the full measure of Christ and how it involves each part of the body doing its work. What is YOUR ...

Boldly Overcoming Our Heart that Condemns Us
August 03, 2014
It is vital that we learn how to boldly overcome the condemnation that comes from the enemy and our hearts in order for us to experience real encounter with his transforming presence and grace. 
Book of Revelation: The Glory, Battle Plan, and Victory of Jesus Christ
May 21, 2016
Sam gives an overview of the book of Revelation, and reminds us (the Bride of Christ) about our role in the end times.
Call to Conquer Lukewarmness
November 02, 2014
Sam preaches an impromptu sermon on the deep dangers of being lukewarm.
Call to Leaven the Earth
October 25, 2015
The Kingdom of God is a dynamic rule that is to go to and fill every part of the earth.
Call to Prayer for the Fullness of the Spirit
October 05, 2014
Sam gives a word on prayer out of Ephesians 3.
Central Theme in 2014: Building Up Walls & Restoring Gates by a Life of Practical Humility
December 29, 2013
Sam teaches on the call to embrace humility in the forms of purity and prayer, followed by a call for watchman out of Isaiah 62.
Co-Witnesses with the Holy Spirit
February 10, 2013
Sam teaches that because of the Holy Spirit, we are the divine appointments that people need. He also shares an amazing testimony about evangelizing in weakness.
Conquering Disqualification
November 22, 2015
How to overcome the sense of disqualification.
Consecrate Yourself
January 09, 2011
The Church needs to stay in a repentant position, so we can "produce fruit in keeping with repentance" (Lk. 3:8). 
Consider Your Calling: Shaking off the Gideon Mentality
July 09, 2017
What if you are destined for more than you realize? Sam uses Gideon as an example of how the Lord takes the seemingly unqualified and lowly and super qualifies them IN Christ.
Consumer or Disciple?
May 12, 2013
Sam preaches an impromptu sermon on the difference between life-giving disciples and life-taking consumers.
Dark but Lovely: How a Lover of Jesus Repents and Breaks Free of Shame
September 18, 2016
Sam speaks about dealing with sin, and shows that freedom from sin is found in the radical acceptance of the Father's love.
Delight in the Lord, Our Exceeding Joy
December 11, 2011
While Sam was at the hospital with Amy delivering baby Joshua, Spencer Stewart delivered an impromptu sermon: Joy is an apostolic priority because the Triune God is joyful and created us in His Image to find exceeding joy in Him. Christ became a Man ...
Desperation for the Holy Spirit
July 05, 2015
Sam preaches an impromptu sermon on the need for the Holy Spirit to be central in our walks. Then he follows the Spirit’s leading and calls the church to the alter.
Developing a Dynamic Culture of Allelon
July 10, 2011
"God has designed kingdom power to operate in Spirit filled relationships. These relationships will bring about fruit in a believers life. It is literally kingdom law that God designed the ""one another"" culture to be the ...
Developing an Apostolic Doctrine of Suffering
February 20, 2011
"Among Pauls many glorious doctrines is his apostolic doctrine of suffering. Paul learned to approach his hardships by faith, to boast in his weaknesses, and to know that the Lords power is made perfect in the midst of it. Having these values ...
Developing Love for the Scriptures
October 19, 2014
Making your time in the Word a joy and not a duty.
Developing Vision for the Worthiness of Jesus
January 26, 2014
All things are made by Him and for Him.
Discerning and Rejecting the Devil’s Anti-Vision for Your Life
April 14, 2013
Satan wants you happier, smarter, richer, more comfortable, more successful, and to be a better person.
Discipleship: Law VS Grace
September 25, 2016
The goal of discipleship: Not outward conformity but inward transformation.
Each Part of the Body Connected and Working Together
August 13, 2017
Co-teaching by Sam and Ryan on the importance of relationships within the body according to one's calling.
Each Part of the Body Connected and Working Together
August 12, 2017
Sam teaches on the importance of relationships within the body according to one's calling.
Easy Obedience
May 08, 2016
Jonathan describes the secret to obedience, which is found in our love for God.
Eating & Drinking: A Natural and Spiritual Necessity
April 10, 2016
The physical speaks to the spiritual, and we need to eat and drink in order to survive. Jonathan describes the necessity of not only WHAT we eat and drink, but also HOW we eat and drink.
Enduring Trial: How Suffering Implements the Kingdom of God
November 18, 2017
Nasser shares his unique perspective and personal testimony of how suffering brings the Kingdom of God on earth.
Enemies of the Cross
December 08, 2013
Many people in the church have become pro-Jesus, but anti-cross.
Entering, Seeing, and Living in the Supernatural Kingdom of God
August 09, 2015
How to enter, recognize, and live in the God’s supernatural kingdom.
Equipped for Suffering in the Kingdom of God
November 25, 2017
Trials and suffering are part of life on planet earth.  Any equipping ministry would fall short if it does not prepare and equip disciples to endure these common situations in a way that glorifies Jesus and brings forth growth.  Sam ...
Faith 2
April 16, 2016
Sam gives the second installment on his series about Faith.
Faith in Famine
July 07, 2013
Jonathan shares about how the Lord’s purpose and regular use of famine in our lives is for our good and His glory.
For Such a Time As This
March 15, 2015
God is calling and gifting members of this last generation with varying missions and manifestations. 
For Such a Time As This: Part 2
March 22, 2015
The Vital Need for the Church to be Prophetic in these last days.
Foundation #10: Holy Spirit
April 22, 2017
Message #10 in the Foundation of the Bible series.
Foundation #11: Identity and Gifting in Christ
April 29, 2017
Message #11 in the Foundation of the Bible series.
Foundation #12: The End of the Age - Return of Jesus to Receive the Nations as His Inheritance
May 06, 2017
Message #12 in the Foundation of the Bible series.
Foundation #1: Jesus Christ the Foundation
January 07, 2017
Message #1 in the Foundation of the Bible series.
Foundation #2: Defining the Age
January 21, 2017
Message #2 in the Foundation of the Bible series.
Foundation #3: The Mission of the Age
January 28, 2017
Message #3 in the Foundation of the Bible series.
Foundation #4: Anatomy and Mission of Mankind
February 04, 2017
Message #4 in the Foundation of the Bible series.
Foundation #6: Understanding Israel - A covenant people who are the birthplace of the Christ
February 18, 2017
Message #6 in the Foundation of the Bible series.
Foundation #7: The Prophetic Proclamation of the Christ and His Global Mission
March 18, 2017
Message #7 in the Foundation of the Bible series.
Foundation #8: Jesus, the Last Adam and the Second Man Fulfilling the Original Commission
April 08, 2017
Message #8 in the Foundation of the Bible series.
Foundation #9: Kingdom of God - The Central Message and Mission of Jesus
April 15, 2017
Message #9 in the Foundation of the Bible series.
Freedom From Dominion of Sin
November 08, 2015
Victory is a gift to be received from Christ not a goal to be attained by effort.
Freedom From Ought: Being Led by the Spirit
June 04, 2017
Freedom to Obey
November 17, 2013
The finished work of Christ gives us freedom to obey from the heart.
Getting a Corporate Vision for our Private Struggles
November 19, 2017
Sam shares a two-fold word about discerning sovereign purpose in our circumstances and getting a corporate vision for our private struggles.
Global Consequences and Kansas Prayer
July 26, 2015
Prayer is so vital and so powerful there are significant consequences connected to the doing or the neglecting of it. There is no personal, city, national or global wall of protection or mediation of breakthrough ...
Glory of God Depends on Disciples Who Bear Much Fruit
December 27, 2015
Fruit bearing in the Bible relates specifically to the obedient manifestations which are led by the Spirit through union with Jesus to the glory of the Father. 
God's Agenda: Only Christ Can Remain
October 02, 2016
Jonathan incorporates some of the teachings of T. Austin Sparks from "Stewardship of the Mystery" to show what the Mission of the Lord is on Earth and for Us.
God's Dividing Work
October 13, 2013
God often divides to provide order and to provide abundant life.
Gods Chosen Fast
February 06, 2011
Isaiah 58 says that the fast that the Lord has chosen is to loose the chains of injustice and to set the oppressed free. Several brothers give testimonies of how the Lord has used them for the poor and needy of the Earth as the Kingdom of God ...
Going Deeper and More Personal with the Holy Spirit
July 16, 2016
Sam encourages the Body in Wichita to not stop deepening our relationship with Christ. 
Going Deeper in Your Love of Jesus by Receiving His Passion for You
September 03, 2017
Sam shares that we will only go as far with God as we go in experiencing His love.  It starts with receiving His love as it says in 1 John 4:19 - We love because He first loved us. Learn to receive that love.
Going Relationally Deep with the Holy Spirit
October 14, 2017
Sam shares that the Holy Spirit is a living Being that dwells inside of a disciple. He is drawing us to active surrender to this inward Spirit of Lordship inside us, that we might become sensitive to His influence as He provides guidance and ...
Gospel Mission: The Greatest Hindrance is Fear
July 27, 2014
The number one impairment to evangelism is fear. Then, Sam shares his personal history in evangelism.
Gospel of John 3rd Sign: Healing at Pool of Bethesda
October 06, 2013
Jesus wants you to stop working and to start believing Him for the grace that gives you His supernatural life, which frees you from slavery and brings you into sonship.
Gospel of John, Part 2
September 15, 2013
Turning water into wine is Jesus' first sign and is a definition of the life Jesus provides freely.
Gospel of John, Sign #2
September 22, 2013
From John 4, lessons on believing from a sixteen mile healing.
Gospel of John: The Beginning of Our Great Christ-ology
February 27, 2011
The Gospel of John is unique in its revelation of Jesus. This Gospel reveals to us the Word of God who became flesh: the man Christ Jesus.
Gospel Power for Strength in Suffering
July 03, 2011
Unpacking Romans 8 to equip the saints to trust in the power we now have in Christ to go through seasons of suffering.
Grasping the Unknowable Love of God
April 02, 2017
Three testimonies about the love of God leads off Jonathan's discussion of how Solomon woos the Shulamite woman in Song of Songs.  Knowing God's love has implications for how we think, behave, repent and pray.
Guarding and Promoting Our Primary Call
May 07, 2017
Jonathan begins in I Corinthians 1:9 and teaches about our primary calling of "fellowship with Christ" - actively partnering with Christ to fulfill God's will on the planet.
Having a Personal Experience with Jesus
February 06, 2011
Having a personal experience with Jesus is the most precious experience that we will have in this life. We have been given grace to have our own unique story in our relationship with a God who longs to interact personally with each of us.
He Rode a Ride of Love into Jerusalem to Get You / Seven Grace Gifts
April 09, 2017
Sam reviews the story of Jesus' ride into Jerusalem - his ride to death on the cross.  Because of his unfailing love, he road into a city full of sinners who would desert, betray and kill him. Such is the example of the depth of love that ...
Heart Before Hand is the Desire of a People of Presence
August 27, 2016
Seeking the Presence of the Lord before seeking to "get stuff” from, or even to "do stuff" for the Lord, is essential for being in step with the Lord, but to seek these things before we seek the Heart-Presence of the Lord is out ...
Holy Spirit
June 12, 2016
Jonathan preaches from the book of Acts about the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the difference between being sealed and being filled.
How to Live in Babylon: The Daniel Resolve
January 09, 2011
Daniel and his three friends resolved not to defile himself with the worlds resource for life and strength, resolved not to bow before gold or man, and resolved to bow and worship his God three times every day. Therefore, they received supernatural ...
How Worshippers Defeat Goliath: Prophetic-Presence Based Warfare
September 03, 2016
Sam encourages the Body in Wichita to give themselves to being equipped in the Presence by being filled with the Holy Spirit and going deep and long in worship. 
Importance of Kingdom Order (El Dorado)
December 03, 2017

Sam discusses the importance of Divine Order in the Kingdom and how the church struggles with the concept of this authoritative order. Four arenas of order touched on are: pattern, process, position and purpose.

Importance of Kingdom Order (Wichita)
December 02, 2017
Sam discusses the importance of Divine Order in the Kingdom and how the church struggles with the concept of this authoritative order. Four arenas of order touched on are: pattern, process, position and purpose.
December 23, 2012
The principle of Kingdom greatness.
Inheritance Through Meekness
May 21, 2017
Jonathan talks about the inheritance of Life in Christ which is promised in Psalm 37:11 and Matthew 5:5 for the meek.  Along with a definition of meekness, he also reminds us of Acts 14:22 ... that it is through many tribulations we enter the ...
It is Time to Seek the Lord
November 29, 2015
How to enjoy a rich, abundant life in the Word.
Jesus Explains the End Times
May 14, 2016
Sam shows us how Jesus clearly laid out the sequence and settings of the end times. 
Jesus Full of Grace and Truth
September 08, 2013
Receiving and living in the favor of God.
Jesus is Greater than Pan: A Deeper Look into Jesus’ Rock Prophecy
August 10, 2014
Getting a “war-time” mentality, that drives us with passion to steal souls from the god of this age so that they spread the life of God.
Jesus Part 10: The Supremacy of Jesus in HIS Harvest
July 13, 2014
Keys to aligning with His harvest. Then Sam leads the body through a prayer time.
Jesus Part 11: The Supremacy of Jesus in the Scriptures
July 20, 2014
Developing a living Christology from the Scriptures.
Jesus Saves to the Uttermost
November 30, 2014
Jesus Saves to the Uttermost
Jesus Spirit-led Method of Evangelism
February 24, 2013
Practically seeing what the Father is doing and seeing the ready harvest.
Jesus: Part 1: The Supremacy of Jesus Christ
May 11, 2014
Jesus’ supremacy in the Heavens, the Earth, and in our lives.
Jesus: Part 2: The Supremacy of Christ Practically
May 18, 2014
The supremacy of Jesus is the most practical thing in our life.
Jesus: Part 3: The Reign of Jesus
May 25, 2014
The supremacy of Jesus is manifested as the Reign of Jesus, which is the controversy of nations, cities, and our hearts.
Jesus: Part 4: The Supremacy of Jesus in the Nations
June 01, 2014
Shanmugam, from India, gives his testimony. Then Sam and Shanmugam preach a message together about Jesus being supreme in the nations.
Jesus: Part 5: The Supremacy of Jesus as Head of the Church
June 08, 2014
Ryan Vandenberg preaches on the church being the body of Jesus who is the head.
Jesus: Part 6: Supremacy of Jesus in our Families
June 15, 2014
Sam and Amy preach together about the supremacy of Jesus in our families.
Jesus: Part 7: Supremacy of Jesus Over Sin, Sickness, and Satan
June 22, 2014
Part 7 of the series about Jesus' supremacy over all things.
Jesus: Part 8: The Supremacy of Jesus Worth All Cost
June 29, 2014
Stuart Ortman, Peter Romans, and Sam all share testimony and teaching about Jesus being worthy of any cost.
Jesus: Part 9: The Supremacy of Jesus in the Gospel
July 06, 2014
The supremacy of Jesus in all things is the Gospel from Heaven.
Jesus’ Commissioned Prayers
June 14, 2015
Jesus is the greatest pray’er to ever live. Through his commissioned prayers we are given two prayers to literally pray for the whole church age.
John the Baptist Calling Part 2: Turning Hearts Mission
October 29, 2016
Sam encourages the Body in Wichita to pray in the Restoration of Kingdom Family Dynamic
Joshua 1: Book of Possession

Joshua 1: Book of Possession
November 05, 2016
Kingdom Expansion - the Mission of All Disciples
July 08, 2017
The gospels clearly state that the Kingdom of God filling the earth is the primary focus of the ministry of Jesus.  Sam discuses the purposes (beginning, end and current) behind this focus.
Kingdom Order: How God is building His Church
February 14, 2016
Jonathan begins the teaching by encouraging us to embrace and walk in our spiritual giftings so that the Kingdom of God can be manifested. Sam ends with a practical word on what the giftings look like and how they build unity in the Body. 
Knowing and Recognizing the Season
September 27, 2015
In order to stay in step with God’s seasons, we must be filled with and led by the Holy Spirit. This makes the process of change and transition an exciting one instead of a fearful one. 
Knowing God
June 18, 2017
Knowing Versus Going
July 03, 2016
Jonathan stresses the importance of listening to and being in step with the voice of the Holy Spirit. 
Learning or Losing in Spiritual Warfare #1
January 08, 2017
The Bible clearly reveals that believers are in a battlefield, assaulted at multiple levels: spirit, soul and body.  Sam discusses how we should look to Jesus as our example of how to deal with this realm.
Learning or Losing in Spiritual Warfare #2
January 15, 2017
2nd Installment of Sam's series on spiritual warfare.
Learning or Losing in Spiritual Warfare #3: Breaking Strongholds
January 22, 2017
Sam discusses the platforms of communication used by our lying enemy.
Learning the Power of Praying the Word
June 07, 2015
There is a literal supernatural power that is engaged when we pray the Scriptures by the Spirit of God. Then, Dick Kuhns shares an encouragement to prayer.
Letter Kills but the Spirit Gives Life
March 12, 2017
When we work, God waits; when we wait, the Lord works.  Jonathan preaches about the Acts 1-2 template for revival and then shares the story of the 1949 Hebrides revival - a community saturated with God.
Liberating His Workmanship and Their Works
September 20, 2015
We have a specific servants’ call to the larger body of Christ to assist in a great recovery movement of his workmanship and their Spirit ordained works.
Little Yes-es: Applying the Cross daily.
September 11, 2016
Obedience to Christ in all!
Living in Lifetime Favor
April 27, 2014
Favor is a grace-filled kindness in the heart of the Lord directed toward our lives.
Living In the Kingdom of God
October 29, 2017
The Lord speaks through the obedience of Jonathan regarding peace and joy. The manifestation of righteousness is peace. The manifestation of peace is joy in the Holy Spirit.
Living in the Presence of the Lord
March 13, 2016
Jonathan speaks about the simplicity, and necessity, of practicing being in the presence of the Lord.  
Longing For Jesus From a Pure Heart
January 18, 2015
Levi preaches about the great benefit of being pure in heart: that you will have eyes to see God and long for His return.
Longing for, waiting for, and hastening the return of Jesus
May 07, 2016
Sam redelivers a word that he gave Saturday night in Wichita.
Love For Jesus Expressed by Obedience
October 26, 2014
Identifying love as the source of obedience.
Love Not the World
August 30, 2015
“Is the world crucified to you, or does it fascinate you?”
Love Unites / Offense Divides
June 05, 2016
Tom speaks about not only the need for unity in the Body, but also how to accomplish it through love and not competitiveness.
Love: The Evidence of a Disciple
February 05, 2017
Jon Smith shares the principles of John 13:35 - what we truly believe and whose we truly are is evidenced by how we use our resources.
Making Moments for Miracles: Ministering Like Jesus
April 30, 2016
Sam tees up a lab time by giving some examples of miracles from the Bible. 
Mary 1: Conceiving the Christ (Gabriel's Word to Mary and to You)
December 04, 2016
Gabriel's message to Mary models important aspects of our relationship with the Holy Spirit. Sam notes the foremost credential used by Gabriel in the book of Luke: "I stand in the presence of God..."
Mary 2: Carrying the Christ (El Dorado)
December 11, 2016
You are a Christ-carrier and a Christ-manifester just as much as Mary is.
Mary 2: Carrying the Christ (Wichita)
December 10, 2016
You are a Christ-carrier and a Christ-manifester just as much as Mary is.
Mary 3: Birthing Christ
December 18, 2016
Sam discusses the dynamics involved in the Church delivering Christ into the earth.
Mary 3: Birthing Christ (Wichita)
December 17, 2016
Sam discusses the dynamics involved in the Church delivering Christ into the earth (Wichita service).
Mary 4: Christ in the Temple - Presenting the Christ
December 21, 2016
Fourth message in a series regarding how Mary is the prototype of the Church - bringing Christ to mankind.
Mary 4: Christ in the Temple - Presenting the Christ
December 22, 2016
Sam's fourth message in a series regarding how Mary is the prototype of the Church - bringing Christ to mankind.
Ministry of Presence
October 04, 2015
We facilitate the transition to kingdom thinking and living not with a new model or philosophy of ministry but rather by a ministry of presence.
Miss Not the Day of Your Visitation
April 13, 2014
The prophetic entry of Jesus into Jerusalem a week before his crucifixion, Palm Sunday, is an event that tells much about our human hearts.
Mission Report & Word: LJ Evers
October 12, 2014
LJ Evers shares a testimony about his mission in Houston/Sharpstown.
Mission with Jesus: Eating, Seeing, & Reaping
November 01, 2015
Mission is in the DNA of who you are and the family that you are called to, the Church.
Missionaries of Justice to the Earth
February 06, 2011
We are appointed by the Lord to be missionaries of justice to the Earth. You cannot fully do this until you face the fact that we live on a planet full of unrighteousness and injustice. Includes audio from the powerful video, "Depraved ...
More Prophetic Wisdom from 1 Samuel: Transition from Saulic Religious Works to Davidic Prophetic Presence
August 13, 2016
Sam talks about the difference between religious, fear-based works and Davidic, presence-focused relationship with Christ.
Moving From Christianity to Christ
February 02, 2014
There is a difference between knowing the stuff of Christianity, and knowing the Christ.
Moving from Deliverance to Presence
July 29, 2017
The Lord's primary purpose is not your deliverance but rather His dwelling in and with you. Sam unpacks "prophetic patterns" found in Eden, the Tabernacle, and Jesus that reveal how to go deep in the Presence of the Lord.
New Covenant Confidence and Freedom from Heart Condemnation
November 26, 2017
Jonathan discusses two ways people choose to live as shown in Ephesians chapters 4-5: 1) like the unbelieving Gentiles, or 2) as children of Light. He further illustrates the new mindset available to disciples by contrasting the actions of Abraham ...
No Condemnation
January 17, 2016
Jon Smith exhorts the body to abide in Christ regardless of the past. 
North Korea Call & Testimony
February 22, 2015
Sam shares a powerful testimony from North Korea and encourages our hearts to mission.
Nothing means Nothing - In the Boat with Jesus
August 06, 2017
Jonathan shares a lesson from John 15 about remaining IN Jesus in order to protect our minds from being deceived as Eve was and led astray from our sincere and pure devotion.  He also gives a testimony of his call to El Dorado 10 years ago and ...
Numbers 32
June 23, 2013
We are not called to only cross the Red Sea. We must continue on and cross the Jordan as well.
Obedience in Today
July 28, 2013
Sam shares about being obedient to what the Holy Spirit is saying right now.
Offense Vs. Meekness
July 10, 2016
Jonathan encourages us to throw off the earthly wisdom of Offense and put on the Heavenly wisdom of Meekness.
One Another
May 03, 2015
Jonathan teaches on how the church is called to one another.
One Gifted Body
April 19, 2015
Ryan Vandenberg preaches about how essential it is that each member of the body minister to one another.
One Thing
June 26, 2016
Jonathan preaches about our inability to believe due to our receiving glory from men instead of seeking glory from God. Then he shares the “one thing” Mary did in Luke 10 and lays out the three-step process of Dwelling, Gazing & ...
February 15, 2015
There are 59 "OneAnothering" verses in the New Testament.  The church is a small band of disciples walking out "OneAnothering" filling the earth with the gospel, presence, and authority of Jesus Christ.
Only Jesus Can Turn a Tomb into a Womb
April 16, 2017
In this Resurrection Sunday service, Sam discusses the supremacy of Christ, the firstborn among the dead, and how He transforms death into life.
Only the Dead Can Live
November 27, 2016
Following Jesus' model of death to the flesh bringing forth much life, Jonathan discusses John 12:23-26 wherein a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, thus producing much seed.  We, as disciples, are to follow Jesus' lead in ...
Opening Doors to Mission
May 17, 2015
Sam preaches from a story in Acts, showing how a correct focus on two key priorities, prayer and gifts to the poor, leads to an open door for mission and blessing from the Lord. 
Out of Lukewarmness and Into Friendship
October 18, 2015
Jonathan shares about hearing the voice of Jesus and opening our hearts to Him.
Overcoming F.E.A.R. and Waiting on God
February 26, 2017
False Evidence Appearing Real vs. Full Assurance In Trusting Him.  Jonathan discusses why we are called to wait on, trust, and hope in the Lord.
Pentecost Sunday: The Spirit is Poured Out and The Church Prophesies
May 19, 2013
Jonathan Brickley teaches and testifies about prophecy in the church.
Perfected in Love
February 22, 2015
Fear cannot co-exist with love, and love actually "casts out” or “expels” fear, dread, anxiety, and terror.
Personal Evangelism
February 17, 2013
Five Kingdom Keys to unlock a lifestyle of personal evangelism.
Possessing the Promised Land
May 29, 2016
The journey that Israel took, what the Lord was doing with them, what it meant for them to possess the Promised Land, and how that applies to us today. 
Possessing Your Inheritance of His Will for Your Life
June 30, 2013
We have been settling for less than our God's inheritance for our lives. The inheritance was a place of amazing fruitfulness and trials by war. The inheritance for us is a discipled-life that experiences a living fruitful relationship with Jesus ...
Power of Praise & Worship
February 16, 2014
A call to personal and intentional worship.
Prayer & Repentance That Changes a Nation
June 28, 2015
We are called to pray for mercy and healing for our nation.  Sam gives clarity on what God’s judgement on our nation looks like and more specifically, when his judgement occurs. Also, Jonathan Brickley prays for our nation.
Preparing a Prophetic Elijah Generation
September 16, 2017
Sam discusses the authority and supernatural provision of the Lord and how to become a double-portion disciple.
Pressing Victorious Prayer into Enemy Territory
August 25, 2013
The church is the great mobile house of prayer declaring war upon the enemy that enslaves the nations.
Pro-Active Warfare
August 02, 2015
We are either attacking or being attacked. Let us not neglect the war with the Lord's true enemy who is ravaging our lives and the nations.
Prodigals and Warfare
May 04, 2014
The Spiritual battle over prodigals. 
Promised Land Living in the Inheritance
September 30, 2017
Living in the desert is living FOR provision.  Living in the Promised Land is living IN the MIDST of provision.  Sam shares from Joshua 1 that the Promised Land is the inherited union of the people of God WITH their God on planet earth. ...
Prophetic Insights Concerning the Law from Romans 6-8
August 21, 2016
Jonathan speaks about the difference between a Master/Slave and a Husband/Wife relationship with the Lord.
Prophetic Vision Crushes Fear & Secures the Victory
March 30, 2014
Prophetic vision will crush fear by spiritually seeing reality and end up winning the victory by empowering faith filled prayer that crushes the enemy.
Provoke One Another
January 25, 2015
The Biblical call to stir and provoke one another with encouragement as the Day draws near.
Pruning and Discipline
February 01, 2015
Jonathan Brickley teaches the body to discern what good work the Lord is doing in our lives in hard times.
Psalms 146 — Our Help & Hope
June 19, 2016
Jonathan gives a strong encouragement to not waste time building "kingdoms of dust" here on Earth, because the King is coming soon!
Quench not the Holy Spirit: Creating a Life-Culture for the Fire of the Spirit
August 07, 2016
Sam encourages us to open our hearts to the Spirit's teaching and conviction about areas of quenching the Spirit in our lives.
Receiving & Growing in the Revelation of Jesus as King of Kings
January 04, 2015
To come into the kingdom you must get a revelation of Jesus as savior from sin.  But to faithfully live and witness to Jesus you must receive a revelation of Jesus as King of Kings.
Regarding Christ According to the Spirit
June 24, 2017
Sam reminds us that anyone in Christ is a new creation, not the old creation polished up.
Regarding Christ According to the Spirit
June 25, 2017
Sam reminds us that anyone in Christ is a new createion, not the old creation polished up.
Rejecting the Unbelief that Makes You Mute and Deaf
December 07, 2014
Responding rightly to what the Lord says about you.
Reminder of Position
May 24, 2015
Prayer has and will change individuals, nations, and even human history. It is one the most powerful change agents on planet earth. The prayers of the saints are the ordained partner with the Holy Spirit for transforming all things in ...
Removing Athalia and Enthroning Joash
October 23, 2016
Jonathan goes a little deeper into the story of Ahab and Jezebel and teaches about removing "Athalia" and enthroning "Joash" on the throne of our hearts. 
Resisting a Critical Spirit
July 12, 2015
In your life you will be confronted with a critical spirit. You will either be tempted to have one yourself or you will be the recipient of the criticism of another. Sam teaches how to deal with both sides of criticism.
Resisting Enemy Deceptive Tactic
November 15, 2015
Pockets of restoration, caused by persecution and revelation, will become a global restoration that will accelerate mission to warp speed and thus rapidly bring the end of the age.
Resisting the Bewitching
March 05, 2017
Are you walking cursed or blessed?  That depends on whether you have been seduced by a "spirit of religion" or not.  Sam shares insights into "bewitching" as Paul called out the Galatians in chapter 3 of his letter to ...
Response to Giants Determines Inheritance
November 09, 2014
Sam examines how to respond to the “giants” in our lives.
Restoration of the Person and Place of the Holy Spirit
December 09, 2017

Sam discusses how the Holy Spirit is THE most neglected and misunderstood person in the Godhead.  We often want His blessing and manifestations on what we do - but not His intimacy and leadership in who we are.  Sam feels we are in a ...

Restoring Instruments of Worship: Healing Wounded and Broken Hearts
January 19, 2014
It is vital then that we take great care to have our heart healthy so that it is empowered to do what it was made to do: worship and bring glory to God.
Resurrection: The Reclamation of Sonship
March 27, 2016
Jonathan follows up on his word about Sonship last week by tying it in to the resurrection of Christ. What we had, what we chose, what we became, and what He restored.
Revelation 3: Counsel to the Churches Part 2
June 04, 2016
Sam continues his exposition of the book of Revelation and how the counsel to the 7 churches applies to the Church of today. 
Revelation 4 & 5: A Vision of Heaven & the Engagement of the Scroll to Unleash the Victory of Jesus.
June 11, 2016
Sam gives the 4th installment of his exposition of the book of Revelation. 
Revelation and Healing in the Truth
July 02, 2017
Jonathan shares a word about being set free FROM the lie that our identity is that of a sinner and being set free TO be who we are in Christ.
Revelation and Restoration of the Apostolic Gospel
August 05, 2017
The Apostolic Gospel was God’s answer when the1st century Church was in devastating decline. Sam takes a look at how here, at the end of the Age, the Lord is restoring this Apostolic Gospel for the "Final Kingdom Push" ...
Revelation Part 2: Counsel to 7 Churches
May 28, 2016
The book of Revelation is about the glory, battle plan, and global victory of Jesus Christ, so that we can participate and overcome in the end times. Sam examines the counsel given to the 7 churches then, which also applies to us today. 
Revelation Part 5: Sevenfold Fullness of Victory through Seals, Trumpets and Bowls
June 25, 2016
Sam's 5th sermon in the exposition of Revelation. 
Revelation Part 6: The 4 Revelatory Interludes
July 02, 2016
Part 6 of Sam's exposition of the Book of Revelation
Revelation Part 7: The Glorious Return of Jesus and the Age to Come
July 09, 2016
The 7th and final installment in Sam's primer on the Book of Revelation. 
Revelations about Jesus, End Time Generation and You
September 09, 2017
The Lord wants to increase our understanding of how He is moving in everything that's happened in our lives...EVEN in our worst moments. Sam reminds that God is not "producing" the bad times, but He is "working through" those ...
Revelations About Jesus, End Time Generation, and You, From the Life of Joseph
September 10, 2017
The Lord wants to increase our understanding of how He is moving in everything that's happened in our lives...EVEN in our worst moments.  Sam reminds that God is not "producing" the bad times, but He is "working through" ...
Revelations About the Cross - He Requires All That He Might Give More
September 17, 2017
Jonathan reminds us that whatever we take ownership of, claim for ourselves, becomes a veil obscuring God from our view.  We must surrender that ownership so He can give more.
Revelations for a Prophetic Restoration Generation from Zechariah
September 24, 2017

The Lord is raising up a Prophetic Generation leading to restoration in advance of the coming of Christ.  Sam shares from Zechariah 3 and 4 where prophetic words stir up Joshua’s heavenly ministry and Zerubbabel’s earthly mission. ...

Romans 12:6 Let Us Use the Giftings and Overcoming the Warfare Side of Gifting
February 21, 2016
Jonathan encourages us to not neglect our giftings, as Satan desires us to; but to use them as the Lord desires us to. Sam follows up with a hopeful word on how to overcome insecurity and the schemes of the enemy while using our giftings.  
Sam’s Prophetic Call to Prayer
May 17, 2015
Sam shares about a personal call to prayer through a dream from Amy McVay.
Season of Restoration
April 26, 2015
The Lord is restoring to us purpose and relationships in this season. This will not be by might or by power, but by His Spirit.
Selfish Prayer vs. Selfless Prayer
July 17, 2016
Jon smith encourages the Body to pour out their lives in prayer for others
Seven Sayings of Jesus on the Cross
March 29, 2015
These seven sayings of the cross speak of what he was accomplishing in his crucifixion as well as what our lives of taking of the cross daily will include. 
Sin: Its Desire is For You, But You Must Rule over It
February 19, 2017
Sin begins with simple disobedience. It deceives our hearts and clouds our minds. Jonathan uses the story of Cain and Abel in Genesis 4 to illustrate the steps sin takes and how we can rule over it via heart obedience and devotion to Christ.
Sleeping in the Boat: Dynamics of Fearless Faith
April 03, 2016
Sam challenges us to have peace in the midst of fear by taking a firm hold of the Word of God. 
Some Notes on Philippians 4:5-9
February 25, 2017
Dr. Brock McKay shares physical techniques for dealing with panic attacks as well as spiritual methods as found in Philippians 4:5-9.
Sons Not Slaves
September 13, 2015
Jesus did not operate in a slave mentality as the Messiah. He operated in a spirit of sonship.
Spiritual Thinking
May 01, 2016
Jonathan presents the call to think and live as a "spiritual" person as opposed to a "natural" person.
Stand Firm: Filling leaky souls with the Holy Spirit
February 07, 2016
Jonathan proves from the scripture that there is a link between the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit and preaching to our souls.
Stewardship of Springtime Would Save From Sin Devastation
November 13, 2016
Sam follows the steps that led to King David's sin of adultery. David's problem began way before the adultery was ever committed.  We can use his example to guard against being out of position ourselves.
Stewardship of Springtime Would Save from Sin Devastation - Wichita
November 12, 2016
Strengthening your Witness

Equipping the church to know and share their personal testimonies. 
Taking on the Yoke and Burden of Jesus
October 20, 2013
How to cast off other yokes and receive the yoke of the Lord.
Taking Our Stand Against Insecurity

Jonathan discusses three points to help us stand in truth on the ground of sonship.

Taking Our Stand Against Insecurity
January 29, 2017
Jonathan gives three helps from Ephesians 6 to help us stand in truth on the ground of sonship
Tearing Down Strongholds: Part 1
May 26, 2013
Part 1 of a three-part series about the battle against strongholds.
Tearing Down Strongholds: Part 2
June 02, 2013
Part 2 of a three-part series about the battle against strongholds.
Tearing Down Strongholds: Part 3
June 09, 2013
Practical ways to gain victory over strongholds.
Thanksgiving Sets Ambushes on the Enemy
November 23, 2014
The thanksgiving dynamic in spiritual warfare.
The Blessed Hope: Our Greatest Vision
December 28, 2014
Our main vision and longing should be for the return of King Jesus to the Earth.
The Book of Ruth: Insights of Obedience
July 24, 2016
Jonathan lays out a theme of giving and receiving blessing from the book of Ruth.
The Central Prophetic Message from Genesis to Revelation
January 22, 2012
"There is a consistent prophetic thread that stretches from the beginning of the Bible to the end. The Bible boldly proclaims that God is raising up a human King to crush all His enemies and to set up an eternal, global, spiritual, and natural ...
The Church, Part 2
June 23, 2013
Sam does a quick summary on the churches four fold mission together, and follows with a send out of the local church into a neighborhood.
The Church: A Dynamic Supernatural Family
April 12, 2015
It is the relational interaction of this family that manifests and advances the kingdom of God on earth.
The Church: Jesus Christ in Heaven and on Earth
June 16, 2013
The Church is how Jesus is filling the Earth with His image.
The Coming Revival and God's Delight
November 12, 2017
Jonathan's message today centers on prayer and its importance in revival.  When we pray: God is moved, people are moved, situations are moved, angels respond, natural laws are overridden and revival comes.  Sam also provides a followup ...
The Continued Anointed Ministry of Jesus
January 31, 2016

Sam breaks down and defines the anointing of Jesus' ministry.

The Crucified Christ
August 04, 2013
The power of God for man is centered in the cross of Christ.
The Culture that Produces Consumers Instead of Disciples
May 17, 2015
The warning about the temptation to developing a “consumer” culture that gathers instead of a discipleship culture that is on mission.
The Definition and Dynamic of Faith
April 17, 2016
The word "Faith" is really more of a verb than a noun. Jonathan defines what the "substantiating" of our faith should look like in our walk.
The Desire, Dedication, Design and Destiny of Jesus to Fill All Things
June 10, 2017
Sam's word this evening focuses on the mystery of Christ's purpose in the earth and how he's working that out through the believers.
The Dynamics of Relationship with the Holy Spirit
July 23, 2016
Sam give some practical advice from the Bible about having a central relationship with the Holy Spirit
The Essential Need to Fully Possess Our Grace-Given Inheritance
August 20, 2016
Sam teaches the Body how to possess her Inheritance in Christ fully. 
The Essential Role of Personal Witness to Christ & His Call
September 07, 2014
The normal Christian life involves a series of personal experiences with Christ to which we witness.
The Glorification of the Father in Our Childlike Asking and Receiving
September 29, 2013
Jonathan Brickley encourages a return to simple childlike prayer.
The Glory of Suffering
December 30, 2012
"Levi, Jon, and Sam share on the essential call for a disciple to embrace suffering."
The Good News for Believers
July 19, 2015
Jonathan shares how the good news of Jesus Christ is the solution to all of our predicaments.
The Gospel of John: A Plea for Spiritual Disciples
September 01, 2013
From Genesis on we see the Lord trying to reveal that there are two options for all mankind: A spiritual one ruled by the Holy Spirit that sees reality and rules in the natural realm by the Spirit, or a natural one that is ruled by natural abilities ...
The Health and Power of Intimacy with Jesus
August 19, 2017
Believers need the power of intimate fellowship of the Spirit along with extravagant revelatory experiences in the love of God in order to manifest the fullness of Christ in life.  Sam reminds us that "lovesick saints are the most healthy ...
The Holy Spirit
August 28, 2016
Dr. Hank Lederle joins us to talk about his relationship with the Holy Spirit--and to encourage the Body to listen to and know the Holy Spirit as a real person in our lives.
The Key of Praise and Thanksgiving For Binding and Loosing
October 07, 2017
Sam shares that the enemy is attempting to steal the key of praise and thanksgiving through deceitful schemes to distract and discourage.  Let us take up the key again so that we may prevail through enemy gates possessing new territory for our ...
The Key to Prayers Being Answered
October 11, 2015
Our success in prayer has to do with our abiding life and word centered heart-desires in prayer. Also, several members of the body share relevant testimonies to this season.
The Kingdom
October 21, 2017
Nasser shares how God has been leading him through revelation of His Kingdom.
The Kingdom of Heaven is Colonizing the Earth and Our Hearts
October 28, 2017
Sam continues in the "Kingdom of God" messages, sharing that Jesus is colonizing the earth by first colonizing the hearts of men and women.  This dynamic colonization occurs in stages, ending in fruit-bearing manifestation of God's ...
The Largest Deception in the Church
June 21, 2015
We must be aware of multiple dimensions of deception that are seeping into the church and our personal lives. Are you doing all that you have heard and thus are blessed and not deceived?
The Lordship of the Spirit over Our Way
July 31, 2016
Jonathan shows us from the Bible that we are to give God every area of our lives, because they are His.
The Lord’s Resolve to Fill All Things Completely, Even You
March 23, 2014
Scriptures reveal that the Lord has been pursuing dwelling on Earth and increasing His presence in it from the book of Genesis onward.
The Mission of Presence
September 06, 2015
Are you filled with His presence though faith in the Gospel, the indwelling Holy Spirit, and being on filling-mission with his Church?
The Missional Supremacy of the Great Commission
August 31, 2014
We all know the authority of Jesus, but what about the responsibility given to us? Shanmugam from India shares testimony and Word. 
The Oil Press and Place of Prayer / Embracing the Cross Unto the End of Ourselves
February 28, 2016
Jon Smith encourages us to not run from the "pressure" of trial, but to embrace it. Jonathan then follows up with what that looks like and how it leads to the end of our 'self'.
The Pinnacle of Wisdom is Passionate Love for Christ (El Dorado)
August 27, 2017
The spirit of this world seduces us regularly to walk out life with a heart of folly.  Sam demonstrates how supernatural wisdom reveals that the human heart finds its highest meaning and fulfilment in passionate intimacy with Jesus.
The Pinnacle of Wisdom is Passionate Love for Christ (Wichita)
August 26, 2017
The spirit of this world seduces us regularly to walk out life with a heart of folly.  Sam demonstrates how supernatural wisdom reveals that the human heart finds its highest meaning and fulfilment in passionate intimacy with Jesus.
The Power of Covenant Favor in the Kingdom of God
November 11, 2017
The Power of Covenant Favor in the Kingdom of God
The Primary Motivation for a Ministry of Persuasion
August 17, 2014
We are to be motivated to share the gospel with people because of obedience, compassion, God’s glory, and because of the FEAR of the Lord.
The Profound Mystery, Part 1
April 28, 2013
Sam preaches the first of a two part series about marriage testifying of the relationship between Christ and the Church. Part 1 is centered on being transformed by His jealous love.
The Profound Mystery, Part 2
May 05, 2013
The Heavenly Husband’s preparing of a wife.
The Prophetic Purpose of This Generation
July 22, 2017

The scriptures reveal that God not only moves uniquely in individual’s lives but also in generations. Sam lays out practical steps regarding how to agree with and steward the Lord’s unique work in this generation.

The Prophetic Purpose of this Generation
July 30, 2017
Sam discusses how to agree with and steward the Lord's unique work in this generation such that we do not miss the time of our visitation.
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
April 05, 2015
The resurrection is the greatest event in history and the center of our faith.
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
January 08, 2012
"Sam shares an introduction to a series on the book of Revelation."
The Root Difference Between Sonship and Slavery
December 10, 2017
Sam uses the example of Ishmael and Issac to illustrate the difference between slavery and sonship, flesh and Spirit. Slavery is summed up in "ought" based living: we will never be free from sin by trying to fight sin. It's a ...
The Spirit Declares What is to Come
December 01, 2013
Sam, with Dick Kuhns, share a word about keeping in step with what the Spirit is saying.
The Three Truths for Overcoming Satan in This Age
February 05, 2012
In this age of war we are called to overcome our enemy. Sam teaches on three truths that allow us to walk this out.
The Threshing Floor
June 17, 2017
Josh Engle brings a word concerning the custom of threshing and winnowing wheat and how it is a picture of how Christ will gather his people and separate the unbelievers at the end times.
The Time Is Short and the Lord Is Near – Be Encouraged!
November 20, 2016
From the scriptures, Jonathan preaches about the beneficial results of a mind set upon the Lord’s soon-coming return.  As we apprehend the nearness of His coming, we can be sober unto prayers (1 Peter 4).  He then finishes with ...
The Understanding of and Committing to the Great Commission
January 10, 2016
Sam gives vision for our call to the Great Commission.
The War on Prayer
August 23, 2015
Levi preaches on what Biblical things hinder our prayer life. Then Dena shares a testimony on prayer. Finally, Sam gives a call to activate the royal priesthood.
The Way of Melchizedek or the Way of Sodom
November 16, 2014
Choosing the way of blessing.
Three Keys to the Walking Out of 2012, The Year of Kingdom Conquest
January 01, 2012
"Sam shares on three essential pre-battle preparations in Joshua 5: Circumcision/death of the flesh, a new way of eating/living, and a revelation of Jesus as warrior king."
To Obey
March 01, 2015
The call to make disciples is centered around the call to teach people to obey.
Transition to Canaan Fullness from Egypt Slavery and Desert Struggles is through Passover Execution and Application
March 06, 2016
Sam teaches about the three symbolic places covenant believers live in Christ--Egypt, the desert, or Canaan Land. He then unpacks how to get to Canaan Land through the application of the Passover.
Treading on Your High Places
February 08, 2015
Common stages of the Lord’s work as He is equipping the saints for victory.
True Unity in the Church
June 05, 2016
Unity in the Body begins with individual devotion to Jesus.
Truth about the Self-Realm
July 23, 2017
Sam discusses how the call of Jesus to follow Him by denying self and embracing the cross is a call to EMANCIPATION from the tyranny of the Self-Realm.
Two Types of Sons / Identity: The Central Issue of Sonship
March 20, 2016
Jonathan points out how the Bible often uses two sons to contrast two ideas or responses, and challenges us to be children that say yes to the Father. Sam follows up by speaking about our identity as sons and not slaves, and how knowing "who we ...
Understanding Believers Baptisms
April 30, 2017
Sam lays out the doctrine of baptisms: spirit-man baptism, soul-man baptism, and natural-man baptism; as Jesus commands in Matthew 28:9.
Uniting Practical Life with the Second Coming of Jesus
January 11, 2015
Jesus will one day fully unite all things in Him, and right now He is already beginning that process in our lives.
Unlocking the Glory in the Church #1: Getting the Church Flowing
May 14, 2017
The transforming gospel, power of the Spirit, and the authority of Christ are resident in the living church of God.  Sam shares that we are literally "treasure chests" locked up and how, with Jesus' power, our wells can be ...
Unlocking the Glory in the Church #1: Getting the Church Flowing
May 13, 2017
The transforming gospel, power of the Spirit, and the authority of Christ are resident in the living church of God.  Sam shares that we are literally "treasure chests" locked up and how, with Jesus' power, our wells can be ...
Unlocking the Glory in the Church #2: Humility Receives Great Charis and Strategic Kairos
May 20, 2017
So much failure and lack of fruitfulness can be attributed to moving outside of Holy Spirit anointing and timing.  Sam discusses how the Lord loves us when we are prideful - enough to produce circumstances and revelation that calls us to ...
Unlocking the Glory in the Church #3: Embracing the Fullness of God's Purpose in Pentecost Initiated Prophesy
May 28, 2017
Sam speaks of how the prime manifestation and fruit of a Spirit-filled church is prophesying; speaking the word of God under the inspiration of God.
Unlocking the Glory in the Church #3: Embracing the Fullness of God's Purpose in Pentecost Initiated Prophesy
May 27, 2017
Sam speaks of how the primary manifestation and fruit of a Spirit-filled church is prophesying; speaking the word of God under the inspiration of God.
Unlocking the Glory in the Church #4: The Power in Prophesying
June 03, 2017
The scriptures reveal that prophesying not only delivers revelation but that it also manifests power as shown in Ezekiel 37:1-14.  Sam discusses one of the primary ways the Lord partners with all of us is by calling and inspiring us to ...
Vision of Jesus the Fuel for our Faith
January 15, 2012
"Sam sharing on how the vision of Jesus is the fuel for enduring the victorious faith in Revelation 1:9-20."
War Over and the Cost of Loyalty to the True Gospel
August 24, 2014
The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important and revolutionary teaching on planet Earth. It is ultimate truth.
Warfare Exhortation
September 28, 2014
Sam gives a warning to the body about pride and not “occupying our minds with things too great”.
Warfare in the Midst of Restoration
April 01, 2017
Washing Feet Today
September 04, 2016
Jonathan describes what it means to wash each other's feet, and our responsibility to give AND receive washing.
January 24, 2016
Jonathan encourages the body that weakness is to be desired, as it makes us rely on God. 
What Do You Think of Christ?
February 06, 2011
What comes to our mind when we think about Jesus Christ is the most important thing about us. It takes revelation from His Father in heaven.
Where I Belong
September 24, 2016
Matt Penner steps in for Sam and shares his testimony and an encouragement for the Body.
Who Are You Supposed To Be In Jesus
March 04, 2017
Everyone is called to be a missionary.  Sam talks about listening to the Holy Spirit and discovering who you are supposed to be in Jesus.
Why I Am Passionately Obsessed with Jesus
April 21, 2013
Sam shares a personal testimony of the revelations the Lord gave him over the course of his life, and recommits to preaching Jesus Christ alone. Then, New Life Wichita is sent out with prayer and encouragement by an elder.
Why Should You Be Concerned With the Return of Jesus to Earth?
April 06, 2014
Sam stirs the Church’s desire to have Jesus return.
Wisdom about Boiling and Glowing
February 12, 2017
We all struggle with the Romans 12:11 call to be fervent in spirit and not be lacking in zeal. The good news is that we cannot produce true spiritual fervor on our own. Sam discusses how we can get our “pot of soul” directly in ...
Wisdom For Warfare
September 21, 2014
It is never whether or not we will encounter spiritual warfare; it is always what will we do in the midst of spiritual warfare.
Womb of Faith
December 21, 2014
The womb of faith is the atmosphere wherein the Spirit and the Word accomplish the impossible.
Word About & Confession of Pride
May 10, 2015
Sam confesses to the body pride and a rejection of a call to prayer.
Word in Season: Catch the Little Foxes in this Season of Blooming
March 26, 2017
The enemy has a strategy in this current season of blooming in our spiritual family: to "ruin the vineyard” with “little foxes” as spoken of in Song of Songs 2:14-15.  Jon Smith and Sam McVay explore these root damaging ...
Word in Season: Catch the Little Foxes in this Season of Blooming
March 25, 2017
The enemy has a strategy in this current season of blooming in our spiritual family: to "ruin the vineyard” with “little foxes” as spoken of in Song of Songs 2:14-15.  Jon Smith and Sam McVay explore these root damaging ...
Words for 2017 - Jon Smith

Jon Smith brings a word for 2017.
Words for 2017 - Jon Smith
December 28, 2016
Words for 2017 - Jonathan Brickley
December 28, 2016
Jonathan Brickley brings a word for 2017.
Words for 2017 - Sam McVay, Jr.
December 28, 2016
Sam McVay, Jr. brings a word for 2017.
Yokes: Freedom in Submission to Christ
March 19, 2017
Jonathan brings a message of encouragement about partnership under Jesus' yoke and experiencing freedom & rest instead of the heaviness under a yoke of slavery.
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