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Category: Mid-week Devotion

5 Declarations of Personal Mission
September 10, 2014
Amazing Bible Facts About the Second Coming of Jesus
April 09, 2014
One out of every 30 verses in the Bible mentions the subject of Christ's return or the end of times. 
Appointed Time
July 09, 2014
"Appointed Time"
Being on Mission Distracts from the Petty
December 10, 2014
It has been my experience that when disciples stay on mission, meaning ministering to the lost, poor, and saints, that they spend less time on the "petty" things that arise in life and relationships. So ...
Being on Mission in Practical Life
December 03, 2014
Sunday morning we had the privilege of hearing, at both NL locations, disciples who had been on mission during the normal flow of life. This led to salvations, prayer blessings, and sowing of kingdom seeds.These stories highlighted ...
Belt of Truth
April 23, 2014
Stand therefore, having fastened the belt of truth.. Eph. 6:14
Boldness in the Blood
August 06, 2014

Boldness in the Blood 

Cost & Blessings of Obedience
September 01, 2014
Disappointment with God: An Enemy Platform
April 16, 2014
"Things are not going the way that I expected in my life.”
Double Portion
April 02, 2014
In 2 Kings 2, Elijah asked Elisha what he would desire to have before Elijah was supernaturally escorted from this earthly life. Elisha now stands before the greatest pray'er that he has ever known with the opportunity to ask ...
Fruit or Leaf
September 17, 2014
God Has Given Us Christ Alone
May 14, 2014
God Has Given Us Christ Alone
Harvest of Prayers
November 19, 2014
And there was a prophetess, Anna, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher. She was advanced in years, having lived with her husband seven years from when she was a virgin, and then as a widow until she was eighty-four. She did not depart ...
Highlights from Living in Lifetime Favor Sermon
April 30, 2014
Psalm 30:5 For his anger is but for a moment, and his favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.
India for Jesus
May 28, 2014
India for Jesus
Jesus Supreme in All Nations
June 04, 2014
Jesus Supreme in All Nations 
Letting Go of Needing To Understand
June 25, 2014
Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, leaning not on your own understanding...Prov. 3:5
Life Saving Station
August 13, 2014

Life Saving Station (A Convicting & Revealing Parable) 

New Life 2.0
November 13, 2014
It has become clear by the Spirit that we are at the beginning of a new stage at New Life.Obedience: A Love Language To Jesus
October 29, 2014
 In John 14, Jesus says multiple times that if we love him we will obey him. So really, obeying Jesus is not a drudgery but a manifest way to say to him- "I love you". Obedience is to be an intimate language of love spoken to Jesus ...
Overcoming Fear in Mission
July 30, 2014

I believe that every true disciple believes that Jesus is the most important person in their lives, that his salvation is the most important event in their lives, and that sharing this gospel with the lost should be the most important activity ...

Pastoral/Prophetic Warning from James 3
July 23, 2014
Pastoral/Prophetic Warning from James 3
PFRC Report: Kim Andrews
July 17, 2014
Have you ever read the Narnia books or watched the movies written by C.S. Lewis?  The first one depicts a dark land where the wicked White Witch has cast a spell on the land and it is forever winter.  Lewis portrayed Christ in the character ...
Prayer & Evangelism: R.A. Torey
June 18, 2014
... Pride & the Devil
May 07, 2014
But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, "God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble". Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:6,7
Remembering the Firstfruits
September 25, 2014
Satisfied In Christ
May 21, 2014
Jeremiah 2:13
Spirit Fulness & Mission
October 15, 2014
Thanksgiving is Warfare
November 26, 2014
Thanksgiving Activates Ambushes  
The Disease of Lukewarmness
November 05, 2014
The Disease of Lukewarmness
The Law of Blessing Through Giving
July 02, 2014
The Law of Blessing Through Giving
The Sun Has Not Set On America
June 11, 2014
Amy and I just returned from celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in Washington D.C. We dove deep into the rich history of our nation which is saturated with acknowledgement of the Lord and His Word. It was refreshing to see all of ...
Turmoil in the Air
August 20, 2014

Turmoil in the Air  

Two Words
October 22, 2014
Violence Against Truth
August 27, 2014
Vital Heart Message
December 17, 2014
Are our hearts ready to steward an outbreak of (1) blessing from the Father, (2) trouble from the enemy, and (3)rejection from man? There is no question that these are coming, the only question is how will we steward them ...

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