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Beholding is Becoming
August 27, 2017
The more we see of Him, the more we become like Him. Jonathan shares that as we behold Jesus, look at Him, draw near to Him, we are transformed into His image.
Biblical Instructions about Tongues
November 05, 2017
Sam shares about the three different kinds of "tongues" in the Bible and encourages the body in listening to the Spirit with regard to this gift.
Characteristics of a Disciple - Psalms 84
January 08, 2017
Jonathan takes us through the three characteristics of a disciple as noted in Psalms 84
November 12, 2016
Discipleship Primer: A call to be with the body, in His presence
September 04, 2016
Jon calls us all to Body life, and reminds us that if we know these things, blessed are we by God to put them into practice.
Discipleship Primer: Shawn Humig
September 25, 2016
Shawn points out that as an Equipping Ministry, we need to focus on what we're being equipped FOR.
Doers of the Word
December 18, 2016
The Lord cares deeply that we are "doers" of the Word not "hearers" only. Jonathan brings an exhortation the we would know God by DOING.
Firstfruits Giving
December 04, 2016
FirstFruits Giving (2)
December 10, 2016
Firstfruits Giving (Proverbs 3:5-18)
December 21, 2016
Jonathan discusses the benefits of honoring the Lord with your wealth. May 2017 be a year of overflowing.
God is a God of Law: Learning to Operate by the Higher Laws of the Spirit
April 29, 2017
No description.
Hearts Stirred to Rebuild
June 11, 2017
Jonathan provides a lead in to today's message regarding the current stirring of hearts in the believers.
Hidden Treasures
May 14, 2017
Jonathan's exhortation on Colossians 1:26-2:4 regarding the Hidden Treasure that is Christ provides an introduction into today's sermon.
Jesus At Home In Your Heart
March 05, 2017
Mary, Martha and Lazarus all underwent major life transformations between Jesus' visit at their house in Luke 10 and his stay in John 12.  Jonathan points out the beautiful example of Jesus at home with them in John 12 and what it ...
Kingdom Discipleship Priorities
July 09, 2017
Sam reminds us of the divine order in Kingdom discipleship.
Kingdom Discipleship Priorities (Wichita)
July 08, 2017
Sam reminds us of the divine order in Kingdom discipleship.
Kingdom Discipleship Priorities (Wichita)
July 15, 2017
A review from last week.
Losing Your Life at Christmas
December 04, 2016
Jonathan describes Mary & Joseph's decision to lose their life for the sake of Christ as they model discipleship. 
Ministry in the Holy Spirit
July 02, 2017
Sam brings a short primer regarding thinking about God and each other through the eyes of the Holy Spirit.
Operating Under Authority
December 03, 2017
Jonathan talks about operating under authority as illustrated through the lives of Saul and David. David learned true obedience through his submission to authority.
Peeling the Orange and Jarret & Veronica Schaef
September 10, 2017
Consider the orange - goodness results when the peel is removed. Jonathan brings a word of encouragement for going through the tough "peeling" process. Veronica Schaef testifies to this with a personal example from her life.
Praying the Scriptures: Modeling Acts 4:29-31
November 20, 2016
Jon Smith demonstrates how to pray the scriptures using a passage in Acts 4.
Praying the Word of God
November 12, 2016
Restoration of the Family Dynamics in the Church
May 13, 2017
In this Kingdom Primer, Sam shares how God is restoring the family dynamics back to the church through relationships.
Scripturally Praying for Finances
November 12, 2016
Sermon Primer
September 18, 2016
Jonathan encourages us to expose ourselves and our families to fellowship
The Coming and Encouraging Day of the Lord
November 13, 2016
Jonathan expounds on the natural result of hiding sin verses the spiritual result of acknowledging and confessing sin as spelled out in Psalms 32.
The Organic Way the Kingdom and Church Grow
April 22, 2017
Sam discusses the foundation behind Disciple Nations and the equipping call of the partner that is New Life.
The Poured-Out Spirit of God: The Promised, Violent and Fiery Helper
March 12, 2017
Jonathan shares how the Lord is in the business of building His home in our hearts - deconstructing as well as reconstructing.
Treasures in Heaven
December 11, 2016
If you want to take hold of that which is truly life, then you want what Jesus wants for you: lay up for yourselves a firm foundation in the heavenly realms.  Jonathan walks through the seven steps outlined in I Timothy 6 to building treasures ...
Truth about the Self-Realm
July 22, 2017
Sam discusses how the call of Jesus to follow Him by denying self and embracing the cross is a call to EMANCIPATION from the tyranny of the Self-Realm.
Why All the Suffering
December 10, 2017
Suffering is used to break the outer man such that the Spirit of God in us might live out more fully and completely. Jonathan shares the example of his Aunt Gay who battled cancer over the course of the last several years. Suffering is the fertilizer ...
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