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Child Training #4: Discovering Your Child's Heart
April 21, 2017
Sam and Amy share the fourth installment of child training principles.  Taking time to discern each child's heart can tell you something unique about each one's calling, gifting and strengths.
Child Training Principal #1: A Vision for the Blessing of Child Training
March 25, 2018
Sam and Amy McVay discuss the heart-level vision that children are not only a blessing and reward from the Lord but also the the arduous task of daily raising children is a privilege, not a duty.
Child Training Principle #2: Heaven Motivations for Earthly Child Training
April 08, 2018
Biblical child training is about releasing the life and values of heaven into our earthly children. Sam and Amy McVay share the heavenly values they strive for and encourage having a values-driven home, not a rules-driven one.  The ...
Child Training Principle #3: Establishing the Value of Your Word
April 15, 2018
Sam & Amy share how training up a child involves establishing the value of your word in the lives of your children.  Your words can save and prosper them: obedience always brings blessing; disobedience always brings curse.
Child Training Principle #4: Discovering Your Child's Heart
April 21, 2018
The Lord knows his children’s hearts as well as their ways.  Sam and Amy share that as parents we should seek to discern our children’s hearts because what they do is coming from who they are.
Child Training Principle #5: Be A Forerunner to Christ For Your Child Not A Stumbling Block
May 05, 2018
Plain and simple: be a forerunner to Christ for your child.
Discipleship Primer
July 24, 2016
Sam gives a brief reminder about Discipleship and the Sabbath.
Discipleship Primer: Show and Tell
August 20, 2016
Expecting Experiences with the Holy Spirit
June 12, 2016

Sam encourages the body that it should be normal to have reoccurring personal experiences with the living Holy Spirit.

Learning the Lord’s Presence in life’s menial tasks
August 14, 2016
Jon points out the faithfulness of David, who patiently tended his sheep for over 20 years before the Lord made him a king.
Witnessing to Mormons
May 06, 2018
Jesse shares practical teaching in how to witness to Mormons.
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